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Easy Color in the Shade

(3-Minute Read) Tallahassee Summers can be hard to handle. Just going from the house to the car can result in a sweat soaked shirt, for goodness sake! If you love to garden but can’t take the heat, learning to work with shade is a must. Here’s some easy-to-grow plants that offer color in the shade…
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Aromatherapy In the Shade

Summer heat has us all running for the shade, but that doesn't have to be a bad thing. Shady gardens are a great place to expend our horticultural efforts. Read this quick blog to see how easy it is to add sweet fragrance plants to your shady beds. The sense of smell will kick your shady spaces up a notch.

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5 Cold-hardy Plants with Tropical Flair

Tropical plants are all about being bold. Large leaves, bright colors, and strong textures can’t be overlooked in the home landscape. Most of the plants that meet the tropical description hail from warm climates like rainforests and jungles, so it’s no surprise most of them can’t survive our freezing winter temperatures.

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Dads put in a lot of yard work. Help Dad get something back for all that work! We have a great selection of fruit trees that will make Dad’s hard work in the yard come out sweet! Fruit or not, check out our full gift idea guide!

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