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A Helping Hand for Your Roses

We just got in a shipment of really great roses, and I’m really excited about them. These roses have special roots, called Fortuniana rootstock. These special roots help the roses growing on top of them to be stronger and live longer. Before we take a look at how these special plants can work for you, I’d like first to explain what all this talk of rootstock is about.

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas!

Blooming Blue, Pink & Purple Hydrangeas, 40+ Varieties of Roses that a blooming right now, thousands upon thousands of colorful annuals and perennials, succulents, houseplants is just the start of beautifying your landscape or garden this Spring!
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Hanging Baskets: Benefits & Tips

Hanging Baskets... • Are beautiful! • Last a lot longer than cut flowers • Add visual impact by bringing plants up to eye level • Are moveable and add interest in unexpected places • Can be purchased already-made – just hang ’em. • Don’t require digging or weeding Tips You Can Hang Your Hat On…
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