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Tallahassee’s Garden Gift Guide

As Christmas draws near, we're all looking to find the perfect gift for friend or relative.  One of the wonderful thing about thinking about Tallahassee Nurseries in your search for that gift is that there are so many different plant outdoor varieties, fountains, containers, greenhouse plants, and local gift items to choose from but that…
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Color in the Cold

As fall turns to winter, many blooming landscape plants take a rest from their colorful summer displays. Try some of these plants that offer interest all year long with bold and bright evergreen leaves.

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Preparing Your Plants for a Storm

Preventive maintenance is key to preparing for storms An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of care when it comes to preparing for hurricanes. Compared to many areas of the United States, we live in a fairly high-risk area for storm damage and as a result should be prepared. One of the most important…
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Wildlife Conversation

Why do we enjoy seeing wildlife so much? Consider that when we see wildlife, it could be the only moment of interaction despite wildlife being all around us!  
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