6 Hydrangea Varieties Blooming Now


6 Hydrangea Varieties Blooming Now

Sun? I’ve Got a Hydrangea for That.

If you’re not already hooked on Hydrangea paniculatas from those pictures (taken right here at the nursery of our current stock) then I genuinely apologize for not being able to bring a little joy to your day. I mean that’s the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in weeks and I’m surrounded by flowers every day, oh and I also saw a rainbow this morning so I know  pretty.

A lot of people have heard of Limelight Hydrangea which has been around a while, but that’s just one variety of this show stopping hydrangea species. Plant breeders have really stepped up their game over the last few years with this plant and we now have many shapes, sizes, and shades of color to choose from. These plants are just entering their bloom season right now and I bet we’ve got one that’s perfect for your garden.


•  Tried and true variety for our area

•  Large creamy green conical blooms

•  Large grower to 6’ tall and wide


•  Monster flowers! I’ve personally seen flowers on this plant literally bigger than my head

•  Blooms are round masses not cones

•  Grows 6’ tall and wide

Vanilla Strawberry

•  Large grower to 6’ tall and wide

•  Big conical blooms change from white to pink and red

•  Can rebloom through the whole summer

Pink Winky

•  Large blooms start white then change to pink and red as they age

•  Large grower to 6’ and more

•  Red leaf stems are a color bonus

Little Lime

•  Small grower to 3’ tall and wide

•  Large flowers can completely cover this compact shrub

•  Blooms look just like Limelight

Little Lamb

•  Small grower to 3’ tall and wide

•  Delicate smaller flowers start white then blush light pink

•  Airy blooms are more ethereal than bulky

Care for Hydrangea paniculatas is simple and easy. Plants that receive 3 hours or more of direct light will be prettiest, the more sun the fuller the plant and more flowers you’ll get. Water every day through the first summer for good establishment. Once the roots have formed a mature network water needs will diminish and eventually be needed in dry times only. Fertilize 2-3 times a year with Plant Tone and keep well mulched to cool the roots and reduce water needs. For strong blooming you should trim the top ⅓ off of these plant in late winter to stimulate new growth. If you desire a very compact plant choose either Little Lime or Little Lamb and cut back to 1 foot tall in late winter.

You just can’t go wrong with a Paniculata. You’ll get cut flowers to rival the florist shop and big splashes of color to cool down the summer heat. These hydrangeas will be blooming for the next few months, won’t you come visit Tallahassee Nurseries and take a look at our stock? I suspect you’ll be stopped dead in your tracks just as I was when you see these giant flowers calling to you from across the garden.

-Jonathan Burns

Outdoor Manager