What better way to celebrate holidays than to decorate our homes and share gifts with friends and family? Let us help you dress up your next party with flowers and ribbons and bows!

Christmas Trees and Gifts at Tallahassee Nurseries! Tallahassee Nurseries has a exclusive partnership with the best Christmas Tree grower in North Carolina to bring you the premier Christmas Trees in Tallahassee! Reserve your Christmas tree early and we’ll keep it fresh in water for you. We’ll even deliver and set it up for you! And there is no better place to find big fresh Poinsettias and other gorgeous holiday flowers, beautifully wrapped gifts, wreaths, and lots of decorating ideas!

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Other Holidays

Make your sweetheart smile with a Valentine’s Day gift from The Cottage. Flowers on living plants, in a pretty container or basket, all dressed up with a ribbon and bow! What could be nicer?

Easter and Mother’s Day are full of flowers in bright colors and pretty pastels. We arrange living plants in beautiful baskets for lovely gifts. Enjoy them for the holiday, and then plant them outside in the garden. And while you’re here, enjoy our fun decorations.

We start the season of Fall color and Thanksgiving with pretty silk arrangements for the dinner table and holiday decorations for your football parties. Let us help you plan your displays inside and outside.