With tablets and smartphones becoming household items, it can be hard to convince an older child to just go outside and play. If we desire to raise children that enjoy spending time outside and the benefits that the outdoors offers, we need to help them make a special connection to the natural world. Introducing them to our love of gardening while they are young is a wonderful way to help them connect. Early on, we can carry our infants on walks or place them on a quilt next to us as we tend our garden -  just remember to engage their senses! Babies can feel the wind, hear the birds, see the trees, smell the plants and sense our reaction to what happens outside.  Gardening also helps kids learn to work well with others and to problem solve. We believe gardening with children can even help families grow closer together by giving members a common interest.

Tallahassee Nurseries would like to support your child by inviting them to participate in our Little Gardeners Grow Club. This club is for children between the ages of 4 and 12. Upon gathering, there will be a short lesson on a topic that relates to that season. The kids will always have an opportunity to do a project that they can take home. Take a look at the video from our last club meeting.

In addition to the Grow Club, Tallahassee Nurseries has always supported our local schools by donating items to garden projects and by giving tours and programs to visiting classes. We are currently creating a program that will help make garden materials, garden designs and on-site direction available to approved schools.