Outdoor Living

We are so lucky to live in a beautiful city with a wonderful climate where outdoor living is possible most of the year. Whether you have a deck, a patio, a pretty patch of lawn, or just a little balcony, you can dress up your space and enhance the pleasure of living out-of-doors.

Let us inspire you with our displays of splashing fountains, big pots of flowers, decorative art, and everything you need to bring birds and butterflies into the garden.

Everyone loves water in a garden—including people and wild things. Stroll around our nursery to see our selection of fountains—grand ones for an impressive entrance; little ones for an intimate space; traditional styles or sculptural modern and oriental kinds. There are even disappearing fountains where the water flows over a beautiful vessel and into a hidden reservoir underground before being pumped out of the top again.

You’d be surprised how easy a fountain can be—we’ll even deliver and set it up for you—all you need is access to an electrical outlet to plug in the pump. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine a splash, a gurgle, or soothing little drips.

If you have a pond or would like to have one, we stock water plants in season and a nice supply of pumps and rocks to build any size pond.

For outdoor color, nothing beats colorful glazed pots full of flowers. And do we have colorful pots! You can design with a particular color scheme in mind using an assortment of shapes in the same color (along with coordinating flower colors) or just let yourself go wild with lots of different colors.

For a more restrained and sophisticated look, use clay pots in deep earth tones and architectural shapes. These soft browns and grays, as well as terra-cotta, look good with any color of flower or the soft shades of green foliage.

We have lots of examples to inspire you and we’d be glad to make suggestions if you need help. We’ll even put the pots and flowers together and deliver them to you if you prefer! They will be instantly beautiful!

Add a few grace notes to your garden with garden art. You can take this seriously with a classical statue or be playful with something funky or whimsical. Garden art (and we use the term loosely here) adds personality to your garden and a focal point in your design. Try a statue, a decorative trellis, a welcoming bench or seat, a sun catcher, or a gazing ball.

And don’t forget wind chimes. We have some that ring with a delicate tinkle and others that reverberate with deep rich tones. Try several and hang them where the breeze will catch them.