Specialty Gardens


If you dream of having something really special in your landscape, our designers can help. We love to include unique collections of plants and unusual features like fountains and sculpture. We can help you make your outdoor living areas really livable.

If you are a cook who likes really fresh produce and heirloom varieties, we can design a raised kitchen garden that is easy to plant and maintain. Or we can include easy pots of herbs on the patio.

Flowers that attract hummingbirds and butterflies are easy to grow and bring life into your garden! These magical creatures are abundant in Tallahassee where they find a nectar source and you’ll be delighted every time you see them. We’ll include plants for caterpillars to feed on, too.

Forget about grass if your yard is too shady. We have lots of ideas for shade gardens with ferns, hostas and even summer flowers like impatiens and begonias. Add the splash of a fountain and a comfortable chair or two and you’ll have a place to really enjoy.

If you want to create a native ecosystem and attract birds and other wildlife, we can help you put this together by including native plants for food and cover in a pleasing arrangement that always looks good.

Other possibilities include a memory garden, children’s play area, a patio-scape with pots of color year around, or a cutting garden with flowers and foliage for indoor arrangements.