Tallahassee Nurseries has the largest retail selection of camellias in Tallahassee.  With over 100 varieties and sizes, we will be able to help you find the perfect plants for your landscape. Native to Asia, the first camellias were brought to America in 1797 and grown in New England greenhouses. Over the last 200 years, they have proven to be dependable additions to the southern landscape, where they grow and bloom with minimal care.

**Scroll below to see our inventory as of November 9, 2017**

There are many species of Camellias, but the types commonly grown as landscape shrubs in Florida are Camellia japonica, Camellia sasanqua, and hybrids of these. Camellia japonica typically grows larger and has bigger leaves and flowers than Camellia sasanqua. Camellia reticulata, Camellia hiemalis, Camellia vernalis, and their hybrids are less commonly used in landscapes. The young leaves of another species, Camellia sinensis, are processed for tea, one of the world's most popular drinks.  Camellias in Tallahassee have become a standard of landscaping.

Some of the most common questions, such as, "when do camellias bloom?" and "how big do camellias grow?" are answered in the camellias section of our blog! Click HERE to see all sorts of great information about your camellias!

Camellia Varieties

Tallahassee Nurseries Camellia Stock List as of November 9, 2017

  1. Adolph Audusson 3g
  2. Alba Plena 2g 3g
  3. Almost Orange 3g
  4. Ave Maria 3g
  5. Bart Colbert Variegated 3g 7g
  6. Betty Jean Daughtry 3g
  7. Bev Piet’s Smile 3g
  8. Black Tie 15g
  9. Blackmagic 3g 7g
  10. Bobbie Fain Variegated 3g
  11. Camellia handelii 3g
  12. Carol Humphrey 3g
  13. Cherries Jubilee 3g
  14. Christmas Candy 3g
  15. Cinnamon Cindy 3g
  16. Crimson Candles 3g
  17. Dabney’s Star 3g
  18. Daydream Believer 3g
  19. Debutante 3g
  20. Dick Hardison 3g
  21. Dr. Tinsley 2g
  22. Dream Weaver 3g 7g 15g
  23. Egao Corkscrew 3g 7g
  24. Egao Shibori 3g
  25. El Rojo 3g
  26. Eos Variegated 7g
  27. Frank Houser 3g 7g
  28. Frank Houser Variegated 3g
  29. Freedom Bell 3g
  30. Georgia National Fair 3g
  31. Glen 40 3g
  32. Governor Mouton 3g
  33. Grace Albritton 3g 7g
  34. Green 07-003 3g
  35. Green 07-009 3g
  36. Green 07-074 3g
  37. Green 09-003 3g
  38. Greensboro Red 3g 7g
  39. Guest Star 3g
  40. Gunsmoke 3g
  41. Harriet Bisbee 3g
  42. Hawaii 3g
  43. High Fragrance 3g 15g
  44. Holy Pure 3g
  45. Jarvis Red 15g
  46. Junior Miss 15g
  47. Kanjiro 3g
  48. Katsuya Nomura 15g
  49. Kay Berridge 3g
  50. Kickoff 3g
  51. Kramer’s Supreme 2g 15g
  52. La Peppermint 3g
  53. Lady Clare 3g
  54. Lady Laura 3g
  55. Laura Walker 3g
  56. Leslie Ann 3g 7g 15g
  57. Lois Coker 3g
  58. Margaret Davis 3g
  59. Marie Bracey 15g
  60. Mathotiana 2g 3g
  61. Mercury Supreme 3g
  62. Midnight Magic 3g
  63. Minato no Akebono 3g
  64. Miss Bessie Beville 7g
  65. Miss Charleston Variegated 3g
  66. Mixed Messages 3g
  67. Morning Glow 3g
  68. Mrs. Lyman Clarke 3g
  69. October Magic Ivory 3g
  70. October Magic Orchid 7g
  71. October Magic Rose 3g 7g
  72. October Magic White Shi Shi 3g
  73. Pink Perfection 3g 7g
  74. Pink Snow 3
  75. Pleasant Memories 3g
  76. Pleasant Memories Variegated 3g
  77. Prince Eugene Napoleon 3g 7g
  78. Professor Sargent 3g 15g
  79. R. L. Wheeler 3g
  80. Raspberry Ice 3g
  81. Ray Gentry 3g
  82. Rebel Yell 3g
  83. Reverend Ida 1g
  84. Rose Marie Ostberg 7g
  85. Rose Pearls 3g
  86. Royal Velvet 3g 7g 15
  87. Rutledge Minnix 3g
  88. Sadahura Oh 3g 15g
  89. Sea Foam 3g 7g 15g 30g
  90. Shi Shi Gashira 3g 7g
  91. Showtime 3g
  92. Silver Dollar 3g
  93. Snow on the Mountain 3g
  94. Spring Daze 3g
  95. Star Above Star 3g
  96. Star Man 15g
  97. Steven Sawada 3g 7g
  98. Susy Dirr 3g 7g 15g
  99. Swan Lake 3g
  100. Sweet Jane 3g
  101. Tama Electra 3g
  102. Tama Glitters 3g
  103. Tama No Ura 3g
  104. Tammia 7g
  105. Taylor’s Perfection 2g
  106. The Surrealist 3g
  107. Tom Knudsen 3g
  108. Tomorrow Park Hill 3g
  109. Tricolor Superba 3g 7g 15g
  110. Tudor Baby 3g
  111. Valentine’s Day 3g
  112. Valley Knudson 3g
  113. Victory White 3g
  114. Ville de Nantes 3g
  115. White by the Gates 3g 7g
  116. William Forrest Bray 3g 7g 15g
  117. William Forrest Bray Variegated 3g
  118. Yuletide 2g 7g
  119. Yuletide Gift 7g
  120. Yume 1g

*Stock is as of 11.09.2017. Most varieties are stocked in multiples of 8-20 units. This top quality stock is hard to come by and we will be unable to restock most of these selections, when they are sold out they are gone for the year. Shop early for the best selection.