Tallahassee Nurseries has the largest retail selection of camellias in Tallahassee.  With over 100 varieties and sizes, we will be able to help you find the perfect plants for your landscape. Native to Asia, the first camellias were brought to America in 1797 and grown in New England greenhouses. Over the last 200 years, they have proven to be dependable additions to the southern landscape, where they grow and bloom with minimal care.

**Scroll below to see our inventory as of December 1, 2018**

There are many species of Camellias, but the types commonly grown as landscape shrubs in Florida are Camellia japonica, Camellia sasanqua, and hybrids of these. Camellia japonica typically grows larger and has bigger leaves and flowers than Camellia sasanqua. Camellia reticulata, Camellia hiemalis, Camellia vernalis, and their hybrids are less commonly used in landscapes. The young leaves of another species, Camellia sinensis, are processed for tea, one of the world's most popular drinks.  Camellias in Tallahassee have become a standard of landscaping.

Some of the most common questions, such as, "when do camellias bloom?" and "how big do camellias grow?" are answered in the camellias section of our blog! Click HERE to see all sorts of great information about your camellias!

Camellia Varieties

Tallahassee Nurseries Camellia Stock List as of December 1, 2018

Tricolor Superba
Sadahura Oh
Sea Foam
Royal Velvet
Laura Walker
Katsuya Nomura
Junior Miss
High Fragrance
Black Tie
Mrs. Baldwin Wood
RL Wheeler Variegated
RL Wheeler
Nuccios Cameo
Nina Avery
Prince Eugene Napoleon
Rebel Yell
Royal Velvet
Sawada’s Dream
Sea Foam
Tudor baby
Ville De Nantes
White By The Gate
Frank Houser
Frank Houser Variegated
Hulyn Smith
Ray Gentry
Pleasant Memories
Adolphe Audusson
Alba Plena
Bart Colbert
Bart Colbert Variegated
Bob Hope
Bobbie Fain Variegated
Black Magic
Carter’s Sunburst
Cherries Jubilee
Dick Hardison
Dixie Knight Supreme
Dorris Ellis
Edna Bass Variegated
Elaine’s Betty
Emmett Barnes
Esther Smith
Fran Mathis Variegated
Fifth Avenue
Georgia National Fair
Georgia Fire
Glen 40
Guest Star
Happy Birthday Variegated
Helen Bower
Holly Bright
La Peppermint
Lady Laura
Lauren Tudor
Lois Coker
Margaret Davis
Marie Bracey
Marjorie Magnificent
Mark Chason
Martha Beatty
Mary Edna Curlee
Les Marbury
Shi Shi Gashira
White Shi Shi
Dream Weaver
Star Man
Susy Dirr
October Magic Rose
October Magic Ruby
October Magic Bride
October Magic Orchid
October Magic Ivory
October Magic Snow
Crimson N’ Clover
Laura Walker
Egao Corkscrew
Autumn Sentinel
Alba Plena
Steven Sawada
Mockingbird’s Blush
Tea Plant
Rose of Autumn
Governor Mouton
(Aunt Jetty, Angelica)
Eos Variegated
Alabama Beauty
Snow On The Mountain
Pink Snow
Leslie Ann
Kramer’s Supreme
Professor Sargent

Sizes and quantities vary for each variety.

*Stock is as of 12.01.2018. Most varieties are stocked in multiples of 8-20 units. This top quality stock is hard to come by and we will be unable to restock most of these selections, when they are sold out they are gone for the year. Shop early for the best selection.