Fruit & Citrus

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Fruit & Citrus

At Tallahassee Nurseries, we purchase our fruit and vegetables from local growers to ensure the highest quality products our area has to offer. All of our fruits and veggies are non-gmo to make sure you have the healthiest options possible to add to your garden.


Fruit trees like pears, plums, apples and citrus are beautiful in bloom and sized to fit in almost any garden. We perform in-depth research to ensure we stock only those varieties that thrive and produce in the Tallahassee climate.


Shrubs like blueberries, pomegranates and figs are prolific in our area and easy to grow.


Whether you’re looking to begin adding fruit and citrus to your garden or are continuously adding new edibles to your landscape, our knowledgable staff members are here to help you select the perfect additions to your garden – and plate all year round!

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