3 Ways to Succeed with Native Trees

3 Ways to Succeed with Native Trees

After the storms of 2018, many people in the Panhandle have trees to replace. I’d like you to consider native trees if you are working to recover your landscape. There’s a big push to plant native trees and plants these days. Native trees have many wonderful benefits for our homes, our shared environment, and our wild friends. However, those benefits are only realized when we follow the age old advice to put “the right plant in the right place”. Be sure to plant trees where they will both get what they need and give you what you need. Let’s look at 3 ways we can make the right choice with native trees.

~ Near the House ~

If trees fell in your yard during the storms you may be a bit nervous about planting new trees near your house, but there are some big benefits to doing so properly. Shade can significantly cool your home in the summer which saves you money and makes hot summer days a little more tolerable. Trees increase curb appeal which can increase the value of your home, we’re talking about real dollars here. Plant smaller growing trees closest to the house and larger growing trees further away to protect your home in future storms. Always choose the most wind resistant trees for planting near buildings. The university of Florida has done great research after past hurricanes that has identified which trees are most likely to survive severe weather. Sand Live Oak, Bald Cypress, Southern Magnolia, Savanna Holly, East Polatka Holly, Live Oak, Yaupon Holly.

~ In the Shade ~

Many large growing trees, like pines, shed their lower branches as they mature. If you have a lot of mature trees in your yard that means you may only see a bunch of trunks when you look out the window. Fill in these areas with smaller growing trees that don’t mind the shade of the more mature canopy. This added visual dimension will add privacy and beauty. Redbud Tree, Ashe Magnolia, Red Buckeye Tree, Leucothoe Tree, Fringe Tree.

~ Hot Open Spaces ~

Big open spaces are great for playing sports or hosting parties, but they basically turn into ovens come August in our area. You just can’t enjoy the outdoors in our region without some shade in the summer. If you have a large yard or a few acres out back, plant the largest growing shade trees to spread relief over a big area. Due to their size, large growing trees have a huge impact on our shared environment from rainwater filtration, air purification, wildlife food, and even oxygen production. Black Tupelo Tree, Red Maple Tree, River Birch Tree, Shumard Oak Tree, Tulip Poplar Tree, Persimmon Tree.

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*This article was written by Jonathan Burns (Tallahassee Nurseries Outdoor Manager, FNGLA Florida Certified Horticulture Professional) using information published by the University of Florida combined with years of personal observations growing in the Tallahassee area.