8 Reasons You Still Need a Crape Myrtle

8 Reasons You Still Need a Crape Myrtle

There may be thousands of Crape Myrtles already planted in Tallahassee but I’ll tell you, I’m not sick of them one bit. Every year I’m blown away by the brilliant show they put on for our town’s enjoyment each summer. If you want color the right Crape Myrtle will surely prove its worth in your yard or garden. And new varieties are still being introduced like the Ebony & Ivory series, which sport dark purple almost black leaves that create amazing contrast with their bright colored flowers. If you’re looking to add one of these beauties to your yard make sure to get the expert advice we can offer here at Tallahassee Nurseries.


Choosing the right variety is important at the offset to make sure your tree will fit your space for years to come. About the only complaint I hear for Crapes is that they may grow too large for their location and have to be cut back severely. The problem there isn’t the tree itself, but selecting the wrong one for that spot. Below is a list of varieties we stock at Tallahassee Nurseries and their ultimate sizes so you can choose the one best suited for you. Not all Crapes are made equal but our stock of Crape Myrtle varieties are selected to perform best in our hot and humid climate with very little pest or disease problems.

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