Floral Trends We Love (and are likely to stick around through the wedding boom)

Floral Trends We Love (and are likely to stick around through the wedding boom)

2.5 million weddings are estimated to take place in 2022 - the largest amount of weddings in one year the US has seen since 1984.
Wedding vendors are in full force with more events than ever before; and with the challenges that come along with such high demand, it also brings a new wave of refreshed creativity that went underutilized as the event industry all but froze during the pandemic. Couples and wedding vendors alike have been waiting for this, and the events we are seeing this year are proving that it was worth the wait.
Color Color Everywhere

Couples are steering away from more classic styles, like white florals and romantic blush tones, and electing to add pops of color throughout their weddings – including in their floral arrangements. Adding bold, bright blooms, such as bright pinks and blues and/or deep red and orange hues have been trending upward rapidly. It’s almost as if waiting so long to plan their big days has allowed these couples to break free of what they thought they were supposed to want, and embrace styles that perhaps represent them better.


While color is in full force, don’t rule out the earthy, neutral tones quite yet. This trend is not far behind the color obsession, providing a softer, more romantic style for those not as interested in a sea of color for their big day.

Texture and Height

We’re seeing florals soar to new heights in the priority hierarchy for many clients. They’ve waited for their big day, and they are ready to make a statement. Texture has always been a component of floral arrangements; however, it has moved from being a subtle piece to a more upfront, focal component of many designs. What were once more accent, filler pieces - like pampas grass and dried floral pieces – have now taken a larger role in the design of wedding arrangements, being featured heavily in arches, centerpieces and bouquets alike.

Floral Placement

As we mentioned, creativity is in full – dare we say – bloom, and the placement of florals is another way we have seen the creativity of vendors and couples come alive. Adding floral accents to structures at your venue – such as having a statement floral piece hung on the tree in your ceremony space in lieu of a more typical arch or adding floral accents to golf carts, trolleys, mantles & planters – have become a frequent trend, adding design touches that remind us that sometimes embellishing on the beauty already present is greater (and more unique) than starting from scratch.

Whether you want vibrant color or subdued romantic hues, large texture and height or a more minimal display, the floral designers at Tallahassee Nurseries are ready to bring your vision to life. Stop by the cottage gift shop or give them a call to schedule a meeting with one of their designers to discuss how they can work with you to make your event one to remember.

This article was written by Christine Olive of Olive & Ivory Events in partnership with Tallahassee Nurseries. Photography by Rewind Films & Photography.