The Ultimate Grape Resource Hub

The Ultimate Grape Resource Hub

Muscadine grapes deserve a place in any local landscape dedicated to edible plants. Their bold, exciting flavor is taste of the southern summer. These vines are native to the Southeast and thrive with minimal inputs. While many fruit-bearing plants are able to grow here, few are able to reach their full potential in our challenging climate. Since Muscadines call the Coastal Plain their home, you can expect these vines to reach their full potential in our region.

We stock Muscadine Grapes year-round. Our selection changes throughout the year as we work to find both exciting new varieties as well as tried and true cultivars that are proven in our area. Please call our main office for our current selection (850) 385-2162.

We have compiled a list of reliable resources to help you become the best grape grower you can be! When searching for regionally appropriate horticulture information, start with the Southeastern Agricultural Schools. Each one produces educational resources through their Extension Services. For any topic try searching “_______ extension publication”. Fill in the blank with whatever plant you are researching. Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Louisiana, and South Carolina all inhabit the Coastal Plain region of our country, and information from universities in these states is often accurate and relevant for North Florida.

You will find a great deal of consistency concerning care & culture of Muscadines. This crop is well-researched and right at home in our region. If you follow the advice in these resources, you can expect rewarding results with you own vines. Many of these guides are geared toward commercial, farm-scale production. Please keep in mind that you can easily scale down these concepts for backyard production. The biggest difference, for home-scale production, is the support system. Farms exclusively use long wire systems to hold up their grapes, but anything strong and durable can be used. The top bar of a chain link fence, an unused laundry line, a wooden trellis. Home vines need not be as long as farm vines, it is perfectly ok to keep vines as short as needed to fit in your space. Get creative and explore the nearly limitless possibilities for home vine supports. Don’t let the support system hold you back; work with what you have and get growing!

It was an absolute delight to visit Windy Hill Vineyard and pick some of these wonderful grapes. Come grape picking with us!

We’d like to send a warm thank you to Windy Hills Vineyard for allowing us to film on location at their gorgeous U-Pick operation. We encourage anyone interested in these delicious fruits to make a visit during picking season. Check the Windy Hills Facebook page for updates on their exact dates and times (picking season tends to center around August). Picking grapes at their farm is the perfect activity for the family or a group of friends.

Grape-Growing Resources​

Title: Home Muscadine Production LSU
Source: LSU
Topic: the most novice-friendly publication covering all the topics of muscadine culture specifically for home-scale production, an excellent resource for the backyard fruit grower


Title: All About Muscadines
Source: UGA
Topic: overview of Muscadine Grape culture from installation to care & harvest


Title: Critical Article: Muscadine’s Health Benefits
Source: NC State

Topic: introduction to the potential therapeutic applications of muscadine grape derived treatments


Title: Muscadine Grapes: A New Health Food and an Alternative Crop
Source: USDA Agricultural Research Service

Topic: quick discussion of health benefits of muscadine grapes


Title: Establishment and Production of Muscadine Grapes
Source: Mississippi State University

Topic: overview of Muscadine Grape culture from installation to care & harvest with a large list of cultivars and their unique characteristics


Title: Muscadine Grape Production in the Home Garden
Source: University of Arkansas

Topic: overview of Muscadine Grape culture from installation to care & harvest


Title: The Muscadine Grape
Source: University of Florida

Topic: an extensive guide to muscadine grape installation, culture & care, geared toward commercial growers, covers potential problems more than other sources


Title: How to Prune Muscadine Grapes
Source: Clemson

Topic: video guide about pruning techniques


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*This article was written by Jonathan Burns (Tallahassee Nurseries Outdoor Manager, FNGLA Florida Certified Horticulture Professional)