Hanging Baskets: Benefits & Tips

Hanging Baskets: Benefits & Tips

Hanging Baskets…

• Are beautiful!
• Last a lot longer than cut flowers
• Add visual impact by bringing plants up to eye level
• Are moveable and add interest in unexpected places
• Can be purchased already-made – just hang ’em.
• Don’t require digging or weeding

Tips You Can Hang Your Hat On

Location, location, location. Always match the plant to the location – sun-loving plants for sunny spots, etc.

Keep watch over them. Be on the alert for wilting or discoloration. Wilting probably means you need to water. Yellowing can indicate the need to feed. Brown spots, sticky residue or chewed leaves usually indicates a bug problem.

Food for thought. Nutrients tend to leach through hanging baskets faster than other containers. Feed plants every 4 weeks with Espoma Flower-tone®.

Keep things tidy. Because hanging baskets tend to be right in your face, pinch off dead flowers to keep the basket looking good – and to encourage more flowers. Snip off unsightly or unruly stems.