Hanging Baskets: Benefits & Tips

Hanging Baskets: Benefits & Tips

Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets are one of the easiest and most popular ways of bringing your garden or landscape to new heights (pun intended).  Not only are hanging baskets beautiful, they also last longer than cut flowers and are easily moveable. They don’t require digging or wedding, and can be purchased already made and ready to hang!

Tips You Can Hang Your Hat (or basket) On


Location, location, location. Always select plant varieties to the location you intend to hang the basket. If your space is a bright, sunny spot in the garden, be sure that your basket features sun-loving plants. If you need help figuring out the right plants for your space, ask one of our knowledgable staff members the next time you visit.

Keep watch over them. Be on the lookout for wilting or discoloration. Wilting often means that the plants need a bit more water. Yellowing can indicate the need to feed. Brown spots, sticky residue or chewed leaves usually indicate a bug problem. Feel free to take a photo and bring it in to show one of our experts on your next trip to the nursery, and they’ll help prescribe the best option to help your basket thrive.

Food for thought. Nutrients tend to leach through hanging baskets faster than other containers. We recommend feeding plants every 4 weeks with Espoma Flower-tone®. We highly recommend Espoma products to our clients because of their organic ingredients. 

Keep things tidy. Because hanging baskets tend to be right in your face, pinch off any dead flowers and foliage to keep the basket looking good – and to encourage new growth. Snip off unsightly or unruly stems as you’d like. 

Come explore the nursery and select a ready to go hanging basket or speak with our onsite container designers about designing a custom one just for you. If you need help selecting the right plants for your space or diagnosing a problem with a hanging basket you already have, come talk with one of our plant experts. We’re here to help!