Plants NOT too Hot to Handle

Plants NOT too Hot to Handle

Choosing Color & Heat-Loving Plants

Don’t let the heat get you down – these sun-loving plants sure haven’t! As we’re soaking in the sun (and heat) of the summer season, there are still plenty of ways to keep your garden colorful and thriving.

As you plant for color, look for plants that thrive in summer heat. Some smaller, more compact colorful plants for sunny areas include torenia, Sunpatiens, Melampodium, vinca, narrow-leaf zinnia, coleus, croton, lantana, and pentas. If you have plenty of room in sunny areas for larger perennials, firebush, firecracker plant, and Turk’s cap and shrimp plant are excellent choices for attracting hummingbirds. Plumbago produce masses of blue flowers. ‘Sunshine’ ligustrums and the burgundy-leafed, lower-growing loropetalums such as ‘ Purple Diamond’, ‘Crimson Fire’, and the aforementioned ‘Cerise Charm’ are colorful shrubs for sunny areas.

For moderately shaded areas, variegated shell ginger, caladiums, and coleus add a lot of color with their foliage.  Hydrangeas will be flowering soon and are good options for areas of afternoon shade.

Crepe myrtle flowering season is just around the corner. If you’re selecting new ones to plant, consider the mature height and spread of the plant and select a variety that won’t outgrow the site. You shouldn’t have to prune a crape myrtle to keep it at the desired height. There are shrub-sized and patio-sized crape myrtles if that’s what you need.

Check out some of our top picks for color that can take the heat – and are currently in stock for you to bring home today.



AKA Black Eyed Susans - Wonderful daisy-like flowers that are blooming all around town now! These flowers look great planted in sunny beds and butterfly gardens.


Traditionally a shade plant, there are now many varieties that can tolerate full sun. The large leaves & fun colors will brighten up your landscape and containers all summer long.

Firecracker Plant

Russelia equisetiformis - Airy, fern-like foliage with sprays of bright red flowers that hummingbirds adore! These love a hot sun-drenched location, making them great for warm seasons.

Agastache 'Blue Fortune'

This summer-blooming perennial produces stalks of light blue flowers that are like magnets to lots of different pollinators. Perfect in a sunny butterfly garden.

'Florabama' Phlox

Blooming at the nursery right now, this hardy phlox handles our southern climate well, and produces a wonderful show of bright pink flowers.


Hamelia patens - A Florida native, Firebush doesn't break a sweat in our hot summers. Its orange and red flowers are ideal for attracting hummingbirds to your outdoor space.

Blanket Flower

Gaillardia sp. - Well known for its heat tolerance, Blanket Flower is a beautiful perennial that produces lots of large, brightly-colored flowers that bloom all summer long.



Pentas come in several bright colors and continue to bloom into the fall season. These annuals are a perfect option for adding long-asting color to your patio containers.


An ideal option for containers that don't get much water. With so many different selections to choose from, making a new mixed arrangement is a breeze!

Blue Daze

With its true blue flowers, Blue Daze doesn't skip a beat all summer long. Its trailing habit works well as a trailing element in containers or as a low-growing option for color at the front of a flower bed.


This easy-to-grow annual has succulent-like leaves and bright, neon-colored flowers that continue blooming until cool weather arrives in the fall. Looks great trailing out of hanging baskets, window boxes or patio containers.



This Mediterranean herb loves a hot, dry location. It grows easily in a container or in well-draining soil in the landscape. It's easy to use in the kitchen too!


Lavender is right at home in full sun with warm weather. Its beautiful flowers are great in cut arrangements, and have a lovely and calming fragrance.


This popular herb adds lots of flavor to many common dinner recipes. Thyme is best planted trailing out of a sunny patio container, and gives you a fresh stock all summer long.



Evergreen shrubs featuring brightly-colored foliage all year long. Dwarf & full-sized versions available now.


Evergreen shrubs with soft, gray-green foliage & bright red flowers. Dwarf and full-sized versions available now.


Highly structural evergreen plants that form a rosette of long, stiff leaves. Available in multiple colors.

Crepe Myrtle

One of the most durable flowering trees in existence, with a long summer bloom season. Many colors & heights available.


Tropical foliage that can form a dense groundcover that sends up tall blue, white or purple blooms in spring & summer.

Drift Roses

Low-growing roses that come in many eye-catching colors, these thrive in super hot areas and with minimal care.

Please remember to give all your plants – especially new plantings – extra water during warmer months, especially during summertime to make sure they have enough to survive & thrive in the heat & sun.