This time of year, everyone is looking for creative ways to add color to their yards or gardens. We at Tallahassee Nurseries have an easy solution for you…beautiful hydrangeas! Hydrangeas are easy to care for shrubs that can add texture, showy color, and a bit of decorum to any setting.

Hydrangeas come in several exuberant colors and bloom shapes. Pink, blue, white, lime green, and purple hydrangeas catch the eyes of passers-by. In addition, the cone-shaped (Limelight) or ‘mop head’ (Bloomstruck) bloom structures are awe-inspiring and are sure to add unique flair to an otherwise predictable landscape. Limelight hydrangeas have elegant green foliage and are manageable at 6 feet tall and wide. Twist-n-Shout and Bloomstruck hydrangeas of the Endless Summer series are approximately 3-5 feet tall and wide. Ultimately, whatever color or bloom style of hydrangea you desire, Tallahassee Nurseries is sure to have one or more in stock that will appeal to your senses.


Fortunately, these shrubs are easy to care for and are cold hardy in our area. Here in north Florida, most hydrangeas prefer morning sun with afternoon shade and rich well-drained soil. For the best results, Limelight hydrangeas and reblooming hydrangea varieties should be fertilized 2-3 times per year with Espoma’s Hollytone. It is also important to keep in mind that hydrangeas need ample watering, especially in the first year after being planted, during their root establishment period. Furthermore, adding mulch, pine bark, pine nuggets, or pine straw above the soil can help cool plant roots and make watering more efficient.


Hydrangea paniculata ‘Limelight’ are sun-loving and are unaffected by soil pH levels. The blooms are bright lime green, open to white during summer months, and turn pink to red in cooler weather. However, the flower color of many other hydrangeas depends on soil

conditions. For instance, acidic soils will produce blue to purple blooms, whereas basic or alkaline soils produce pink blooms. If you have blue flowers but desire pink ones, amending the soil with lime will provide the desired result. Conversely, if you have pink flowers but want them to display as blue instead, adding aluminum sulfate or sulfur to the soil will aid in the transition. However, some patience is required, it may take up to one or two blooming cycles before seeing complete color and intensity changes in your hydrangeas.

The decision to add simple to grow shrubs that provide aesthetic value and enjoyment for years to come is quite simple. Our staff at Tallahassee Nurseries cannot wait to provide you with more detailed information about our wonderful variety of hydrangeas. We look forward to assisting you during your next visit!


This article was written by Eric Pearson, employee at Tallahassee Nurseries using information published by the University of Florida.