Mother’s Day Gifts Based on Her Love Language

Mother’s Day Gifts Based on Her Love Language

The 5 Love Languages is a premise created by Gary Chapman that explains that different people with different personalities give and receive love in different ways. Which makes a whole lot of sense when you think about how each person is unique.

The 5 Love Languages has become a tool to help people determine what their own personal love language is, as well as the love languages of their partners, children and loved ones in an effort to be able to love those they care about the most in the ways they receive love best.

If you haven’t heard of the 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman, you can learn about them here, and you can take a short quiz to determine your own love language.

On Mother’s Day we have an extra opportunity to shower the special women in our lives with love, so why not give a gift that’s based on how they receive love – after all, it is about them. Below are each of the 5 love languages, a description of each and a recommended gift for the special ladies in your life who fit each category.

Mother’s Day Challenge: See if you can determine which love language is your mom’s love language, and work to get a gift that reflects that.

Level Up The Challenge: People can have more than one Love Language. You can combine gifts for multiple love languages.
Quality Time

This one is pretty easy to explain. People who’s primary love language is quality time prefer time together with their loved ones above anything else. Even simple, everyday tasks spent together with them is a great way to love on them.

Gift Idea: Take mom on an outing! Come explore the grounds at Tallahassee Nurseries. Soak in the sunshine, fresh air and beautiful scenery while spending time with mom. You can snag a wine slushy in the Gift Cottage for a refreshing treat to sip on while you take a stroll.

Acts of Service

For someone who’s primary love language is acts of service, they highly value meaningful acts that show they were thought of. Labors of love, like when someone takes the initiative in taking a task off their to do list or going out of their way to help them in some way, are great ways to show your love for them.

Gift Idea: Freshen up Mom’s landscape. Whether she has a patio that could use a pop of color in the form of potted containers or a garden that could use some tending to, take some time to surprise mom with a garden facelift this Mother’s Day. We have hundreds of beautiful glazed containers and thousands of plants to choose from so you can make her landscape bloom this Mother’s Day.

Words of Affirmation

Words carry weight. So many of us have heard this. It is especially true for people who have the primary love language of words of affirmation. These people value the words people share with them greatly, and feel loved when they are encouraged and complimented by the ones they are closest to.

Gift Idea: Pick up a greeting card from the Gift Cottage and write mom a heartfelt note about how much you care for and value her. While it may take a bit of vulnerability, it will surely be treasured by Mom. Pair your card with a gift card, candle or fresh-cut floral arrangement.

Receiving Gifts

This one is pretty clear cut. People with the love language of receiving gifts like to do exactly that – receive gifts. They often find the excitement of receiving a gift exhilarating, and getting a gift makes them feel loved.

Gift Idea: There are endless possibilities for a gift for someone who loves getting gifts. Some of our favorites for Mother’s Day include: garden baskets + fresh-cut floral arrangements from the Gift Cottage, candles, Orchids and garden art. If you aren’t sure what to get Mom, or you aren’t local to Tallahassee, you can buy Mom a gift card and let her pick out what she likes best.

Physical Touch

People who have physical touch as a primary love language enjoy physical expressions over other expressions (like compliments or gifts). Physical touch can be as simple as a warm embrace – honestly, one of the greatest gifts a mom could get.

Gift Idea: A hug and an adventure together. Pick mom up for a walk throughout the nursery. First things first though – give her a warm embrace! Then enjoy a nice, long walk together. Take a break to sit together and enjoy the scenery while soaking up some time together.

Whatever you decide to do for Mother's Day, we hope you celebrate and enjoy some time with those special people in your life.