Shade is Money (Pictorial)

Shade is Money (Pictorial)

This charming cottage-in-the-woods landscape look will save you money!


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Properly placed trees can help keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter. That means less work for your AC and Heater. Approximately 50% of the power used by Florida homes goes to maintaining interior comfort. Using trees to reduce the amount of power used to cool and heat your home will translate to real savings on your power bills for years to come.  

Plant trees and save money!

Click HERE to read in depth about how you can use trees to maximize energy savings in your North Florida Home!


*This article was written by Jonathan Burns (Tallahassee Nurseries Outdoor Manager, FNGLA Florida Certified Horticulture Professional) using information published by the University of Florida combined with years of personal observations growing in the Tallahassee area.