Special Fruit Tree Varieties You Won’t Want To Miss!

Special Fruit Tree Varieties You Won’t Want To Miss!

We’ve received our first big shipment of fruit trees for fall! The temperatures are dropping and it is the perfect time to plant. We offer the best selection that our area has to offer! We have a wide range of fruit trees including:

• Persimmons
• Apples
• Plums
• Citrus
• Mulberry
• Peaches
• Nectarines
• Pears
• Pomegranates
• Figs
• Olives
• Blueberries


Arbequina Olive (7-gallon)

Beautiful, big, and sturdy specimens. This self-fertile edible olive with silver foliage makes a gorgeous container tree with fruit to add!


Rosseyanka Persimmon (5-gallon)

This is a great new addition to our fruit tree lineup. This is a hybrid between Japanese and our native persimmon. This tree produces custard smooth and candy sweet fruit in abundance. This hardy tree grows strong like our native with larger and higher quality fruit.


Transcendent Crabapple (5-gallon)

This self-fertile, edible crabapple produces those adorable little apples you occasionally see in the store that are good for fresh eating and cooking.


Pakistan Mulberry (7-gallon)

These hard to find fruiting mulberry makes long dark fruits with a delicious sweetness. These fast-growing trees have proven to be cold-hardy in North Florida.


Ein Shemer Apple (5-gallon)

This self-fertile green apple grows great in our climate and reliably sets fruit each year.


Excelsior Plum (5-gallon)

This superior selection of our native plum produces masses of 2 inch yellow plums filled with sweet juice. This will feel right at home in your North Florida garden while producing great tasting food for you and your family.

Excelsior Plum


These are just a few of the many great selections we have to offer. Find gardening success by starting with the best from Tallahassee Nurseries.