Tallahassee’s Garden Gift Guide

Tallahassee’s Garden Gift Guide

As Christmas draws near, we’re all looking to find the perfect gift for a friend or relative.  One of the wonderful thing about thinking about Tallahassee Nurseries in your search for that gift is that there are so many different plant outdoor varieties, fountains, containers, greenhouse plants, and local gift items to choose from but that could make it hard to choose!  In this blog, we hope to give you a quick run down on some ideas so you have a good starting point!

Buy any plant and we’ll care for it (at no extra charge) until you’re ready to pick it up or have your friend of family member pick it up!

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Outdoor Department
  • Camellias: Every landscape has room for a camellia, or room for one more! Pick out a unique variety from our selection of over 100 to choose from.
  • Citrus: No Florida Christmas is complete without fresh squeezed orange juice or lemonade. Gift your favorite gardener with a Meyer Lemon or Satsuma tree.
  • Fruit: Teach a man to cook, and he’ll eat for a day; give a man a fruit tree, and he’ll eat for life! Picking fresh fruit in your own yard is a real joy.
  • Trees: The memory of your thoughtful gift and loving holiday time spent together will live on each time they enjoy the pretty trees.
  • Mayhaws: Give Mayhaw trees to a loved one and you just might get a jar of jelly back!


  • Orchids:  Orchid arrangements are a perfect holiday gift for your family, friends, host or hostess of the party you are invited to! Let us dress it up for you!
  • Air Plants:  No room for pots? No problem!  Grab some Tillandsia as a hardy indoor plant in a sunny window!
  • Succulents:  The possibilities are endless with dozens of varieties and sizes to choose from. Succulents are a great starter plant!


Garden Showplace
  • Glass Yard Art:  Flowers, shrubs & trees aren’t the only way to add color to your landscape! Add some stunning glass art for a fun pop of color in the garden.
  • Fountains:  Small or large scale fountains in bold or neutral colors is the perfect gift if you’re looking to create serenity in your landscape.
  • Containers: Our hundreds of colorful containers come in all shapes, sizes, looks, styles and types!
  • Garden Tools: Gardening 101… have great tools!
  • Bird Seed & Feeders: Our bird central is the quintessential area for you or your bird loving friends with unique food and house selections.
  • Ceramic Fish: We have a lush green garden “pond” display filled with koi fish that make the perfect unique addition to a green space in your landscape.
Cottage Gift Shop
  • Custom Wreaths and Baskets: Truly a one-of-a-kind gift.  We’ll assist you in creating a wonderfully unique living stylish combination.
  • Wind Chimes: The soft chimes when the wind blows make it feel like magic is in the air! We have a wind range of styles to choose from!
  • Containers: A unique container may be exactly what you need to help figure out where your new houseplant should go.
  • Ornaments & Ribbon: Beautiful ribbon to perfect a special gift is the same as a hummingbird ornament to a gardener’s Christmas tree!
Don’t forget a card or two to go with your holiday gifts!
Festive holiday quilling cards are available in our Christmas Gift Cottage!


If you still can’t pick from all of these wonderful options, we have decorative gift cards!

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