Water Garden Guide

Water Garden Guide

Ready to get your feet wet?
So are these stunning water garden plants!

Peace, tranquility and soothing sounds are just some of the benefits of incorporating a water feature to your garden. Picture rocking on the porch, cold iced tea in your hand on a hot summer day only to be cooled down further by the refreshing sounds of your water feature. Now add intricate and colorful blooms to draw your attention into! A water garden can provide you with a lifetime of enjoyment. It can add a new dimension to your landscape and offer you a whole new palette of plants to grow.

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Water in the garden, whether it’s a fountain, waterfall or a fully planted pond, helps create a calming, de-stressing atmosphere. A well-designed and well-planted water garden gives you the feeling of walking out to your own private backyard oasis.

Before you get started, we hope our guide can help you make the best decisions to ensure you’re water garden is set up for best success!
Here’s the rundown on Lotus and Water Lillies:

1) Water lilies and lotus want full sun to part shade to bloom best. Minimum of 4-6 hours.

2) Water lilies can be planted 6”-24” deep. If it’s going to be deeper the plant will need to be graduated down to that depth. Lotus are best planted more shallowly 2”-24” inches deep. New plants may be temporarily completely submerged at time of planting but will quickly grow to the surface of the water.

3) All of our water lilies have a spread at maturity that would reach a 2-4’. Lotus are 3-4’ depending on variety and size of container/pond.

4) Lotus hold their foliage and flowers up above the water. Bloom stalks stand up to several feet tall.

5) Tropical water lilies bloom more than Hardy. Lotus are also heavy bloomers. Bloom times generally range from late spring through the summer for both lilies and lotus. Just like with regular plants fertilizing will go a long way. Roger sells fertilizer pellets that get put in the soil underwater.

6) Plants do not need to be repotted this year.

7) Each plant has a tag with the color of the bloom in the pot.

8) Plants do not need to be submerged in order to travel with the customer. They just need to stay moist.

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*This article was written by Mickey Clickner
(Tallahassee Nurseries Bedding Plants Manager, FNGLA Florida Certified Horticulture Professional).