What Kind of Rose are You?

What Kind of Rose are You?

Have you ever wondered what type of rose you would be if you were a rose bush? By assessing your own lifestyle you can best choose the rose that fits seamlessly in your garden and your schedule. Check out the categories below to find your perfect fit!

The Quintessential Party Host

Your Perfect Rose: Hybrid Tea Rose

hybrid-tea-roses-tallahasseeAre you known among your friends as the best entertainer and party host? Are you a star at formal gatherings and posh events? If so you are definitely a Hybrid Tea rose which is what most people imagine when they think of a classic rose. Hybrid Tea blooms are perfectly formed and held boldly atop single stems. They come in many colors and are an essential part of any traditional bouquet or centerpiece. The consummate southern host will always grow these roses to be just a snip away from a homemade boutonniere or corsage.

The Down-to-Earth Gardener

Your Perfect Rose: Floribunda Rose

floribunda-roses-tallahasseeIs the formal party not in your future but you still take pride showing off your garden? Do you prefer an informal get together on the back porch with a group of close friends? If you enjoy sharing time outside in the garden you may be a Floribunda rose. Floribundas produce large clusters of blooms that can absolutely cover the plants. These heavy flower clusters come in bright and showy colors that shine in the garden. Plant Floribundas if you want the view from the back porch swing to be as bright in the garden as it is in the sky at your 4th of July party.

The Always-Up-For-Entertaining Extrovert

Your Perfect Rose: Grandiflora Rose

grandiflora-roses-tallahasseeIf you just can’t limit yourself to formal or cozy gatherings, you’re bound to be a Grandiflora rose! Grandifloras can fill both niches by producing some flowers held singly and others in large clusters. As always, there are many colors to choose from with these versatile garden beauties.

The Busy Bee

Your Perfect Rose: Shrub Rose

shrub-roses-tallahasseeDo you just love color but have such a tight schedule you don’t think you have time for a rose in your garden? Do you love to keep busy with work, kids, and pets on a daily basis but still cherish the brief few moments you have to behold a beautiful sight? If you absolutely love flowers, but can’t find the time, then you’re a Shrub rose! Shrub roses are an easy care option that produce wave after wave of color from spring through fall. Shrub roses tend to produce lots of flowers that open tight against the plant. These roses are disease and pest resistant and will welcome you home with bright color every day.

Now that you know what type of rose you are, take pride in it every day and shine on for everyone to see!

*This article was written by Jonathan Burns (Tallahassee Nurseries Outdoor Manager, FNGLA Florida Certified Horticulture Professional) using information published by the University of Florida combined with years of personal observations growing in the Tallahassee area.

General Watering Guidelines for New Trees and Shrubs

Apply at least 1 gallon of water slowly and directly to the root ball every 2 days for the first Spring and Summer. Apply at least 1 gallon of water slowly and directly to the root ball every 4 days for the first Fall and Winter. Only rain over ¼ inch counts as a watering. The second year watering needs will reduce, water when leaves first show signs of wilting. Use at least double the amount of water each time for plants that start out in 7 gallon or large pots.