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Color in the Cold

As fall turns to winter, many blooming landscape plants take a rest from their colorful summer displays. Try some of these plants that offer interest all year long with bold and bright evergreen leaves.

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Extending The Camellia Season

If you live in the Tallahassee area you no doubt know camellias are those pretty flowers in the winter time and you’re probably familiar with your 2 or 3 favorite kinds, but did you know there are not just a few types but literally thousands of unique camellia varieties? Each variety or “cultivar” has its…
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Camellia Buying Guide

If you’ve never heard of a camellia, imagine an evergreen shrub with dark green glossy leaves that emphatically bloom through any winter cold Tallahassee has in store for us. Blooms from these versatile plants will continue to delight through fall and spring.

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