Christmas Gardener’s Gift Guide

Christmas Gardener’s Gift Guide

Come Find Some Cheer During Your Holiday Shopping!

As Christmas draws near, we’re all looking to find the perfect gift for the loved ones on our shopping lists.  Tallahassee Nurseries is your one-stop holiday destination. With a myriad of outdoor plant varieties, beautiful fountains, colorful containers, specialty greenhouse plants, custom floral wreaths & baskets, jewelry and more, we have so many options it can make it hard to choose!  

If you’re considering a tree or shrub, purchase your selection, and we’re happy to take care of it until you’re ready to pick it up and gift it – no extra cost to you.

Sometimes a gift needs to be one-of-a-kind. Our Cottage experts will talk with you about what would make the best gift and work their Christmas magic to create a beautiful basket combination.

Remember, this is just a preview of our park-like setting filled with gifts, plants and more ready  for you to explore. See you soon and happy holiday shopping!

Still can’t choose from all of these wonderful options? We’ve got your covered!
We have gift cards that come with a complimentary decorative sleeve.

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